Crypto Whale Millionaires - Profit & Loss
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I also get alot of people asking for some more specifics from the chat and I know I don’t always do it.. so I ran the numbers on all of my trades and profits/losses.

So let’s see how we went over the last couple of months.

I bought all of my core alt holdings near the absolute bottom, which is why I have been comfortable holding a core position then trading ontop of that. They are still up roughly 500% (some 2000% some 200%) since entry on average but these are unrecognised gains as they have not yet been sold.

Before I start with my winners I’ll start with my losers.

Over the last 3 months I have had 8 trades stopped out. The stop loss was between 5% and 10% bellow the entry price. The average entry size was between 2.5% and 5% of my portfolio.

So if I had a portfolio of $100:

I would lose $0.50 per losing trade at worst.. a 10% loss on a 5% entry. 
8 stops = $4 loss or 4% of total holdings.

Now that the sad part is over, let’s get to the good stuff

XLM - Profit: 250% - 400% = 325% average
BNB - Profit: 400% - 450% = 425% average
ZCL - Profit/ Loss: 4,700% 7,500% = 6100%
ICX - Profit/Loss: 700% - 450% = 575%
SALT - Profit/Loss: 90% - 110% = 100%
ETH - Profit: 75% = 75%
XZC - Profit: 17% - 270% = 143.5%
XEM- Profit/Loss: 90% - 275% = 182.5%
NEO - ProfitLoss: 85% = 85%
PIVX- Profit: 60% - 100% = 80%
WINGS - Profit: 220% - 300% = 280%
POT - Profit: 25% - 110% = 67.5%

Average = 703% PROFIT…. Because these numbers are where I ACTUALLY SOLD and locked in those profits back to BTC.

Next on the agenda in our trip back in time, we are coming into mid January…

Current BTC profit from selling:

35% of my holdings split at 13.2k and 12.2k 
Average sell price = 12.7k

Buy ins:

Average buy ins 6.4k

Current price 11k = 70% profit right now from that trade… but that is skipping some of the story…

Keep in mind this came after a “potential” loss of 81% from top to bottom or a loss of 55% if you are still hodling right now.

Let’s do some hypotheticals..

This means that if I had 1 Bitcoin and I sold it at 20k (basically impossibly good I know, but let’s say we are that good). I would now have 20k USD…

What we did was sell off at 12.7k (average) and but back at 6.4k (average) which means we bought 1.98BTC actually doubling our BTC holdings. With a current value of 19.8kUSD

That means we are down slightly in USD from anyone that sold the top right now however we have doubled our BTC position which used to make up 35% of our holdings, now it’s doubled that. 
Hope you enjoyed our Feb recap - looking forward to getting to know you and helping you get the most out of your trading and cryptocurrency investing.

- The Crypto Whale
Moving on to our next couple of months...
After taking our profits out in December, January, February we really just waited and waited and waited..

It wasn't until March that we decided to get back in the game, our picks were ZRX, ICX, ETH, ELF, DNT, POWR and STORM.

The charts and buy zones were all drawn up on the 24th of February, then they started to get triggered around the 10th of March.
Now it is back to waiting. After taking profits before the crash in mid-May we have been waiting for our next round of alt trades which I expect will be triggered soon.
I know I was late to update this page, but now you know what we have been doing all the way up until May 24th 2018.

- The Crypto Whale