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Since 2014, we have been creating wealth in the cryptocurrency markets. Day after day we test and implement the best trading systems and strategies to ensure we maximise our time, effort and rewards.
We are tirelessly helping traders achieve financial freedom by developing a deep understanding of the cryptocurrency market, it's drivers and the trading/ risk management skills and strategies needed to optimise profits and maximise returns.
  •  Metal Pay presale investors. Sold at $13. Over 1300% return
  •  Omise Go ICO participants. Sold around $13.75 and re-entered around $7 recently. Over 2000% return
  •  Invested in Ethereum at $12
  •  Invested in ZenCash at $3
  •  Invested in NEO at $2
  •  Made our first BTC purchase at $129
  •  Have been an advocate and investor in Stellar Lumens for over 2 years since the price was under $0.001
"With the help of The Crypto Associates we just turned over $100,000 profit in under 6 months. We have never seen results like this before and couldn’t be more grateful for the guidance and support shown by The Crypto Whale team."
- Jack Engur Private Investor
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